Frequently Asked Questions

The only requirement to get Admission into L.F.P.S & L.F.P.C.Sis student should qualify the entry test and availability of a seat in the school in the requested Class and the eligibility of student.
The best way is to speak directly to a child’s teacher. Parents also receive their children’s school reports, generally three times a year.
All students must complete their courses satisfactorily. If a student is at risk of not completing a course, the school class teacher will give the student proper guidelines and help them in completing their work during the classes.
The entries of the students who are studying in O Level Senior I & II are sent to British Council through the school and all the correspondence will be provided to school directly (as L.F.P.C.S is Registered with UCIE) then the school management will give the students every detail.
Each school principal decides on his or her school’s curriculum plan. This includes the number of courses, the types of courses approved for the school from UCIE.
The first thing to do is to speak to the Incharge , School Vice Principal handle any issue which can be solved at the initial stage.
Complaints about any Administrative issue should be directed first to Co-ordinators and then to the Principal.
In L.F.P.S &L.F.P.C.S children generally:
1. Begin Kindergarten at two years of age.
2. Enter primary school, at about 6 years of age.
3. Enter secondary school, at about 11 years of age.
4. Qualify for the UCIE exams & Matric Board at about 14 to 15 years of age.
You can find out about your child's school – including contact information, information about student achievement, programs available by contacting the school administration and through the school website.
In the L.F.P.S & L.F.P.C.S environment, the parent acts as a Learning Coach who facilitates progress through daily lessons and plays an important supportive role to help the student stay on task and ensure follow-through on his or her assignments. But in secondary section, though, the student is expected to start managing his or her own time and academic schedule more directly.